Last hundred kms to Santiago

Last Hundred km to Santiago de Compostela

Day 1 Sarria

Challenge: (optional walk) 4hrs, 14km,  start altitude 543m, end altitude 455m 
Arrive into Sarria, considered the gateway to the Compostela, because you have to start in this town if you are keen on getting your pilgrim’s certificate (100km on foot). Remember to have your Pilgrim’s Passport stamped twice each day! If you don’t already have your Pilgrims Passport you can collect one here in Sarria at the Monastery. If you arrive early, we strongly recommend to take a taxi to Samos, to visit the Monastery that was founded in the 6th century and has welcomed pilgrim’s since the beginning. The walk to Sarria is 13,8km. You can book an extra night at Sarria to walk this beautiful section of the Camino between Samos and Sarria. Overnight Sarria.

Day 2 Sarria - Portomarin

Challenge: 5.5hrs, 22 km, 200m ascent and 300m descent
Your first walk along the Camino is easier than it looks on the elevation map and should take about 5 hours of walking; mainly along small country roads and a few country paths. In general the roads are tree lined and will provide good shade in the sun. There are hamlets every kilometer or so, it can seem like you have just left one village as you enter the next. Entertaining and relaxed because you do NOT have to worry about water or food and whenever you sit down for a moment, you will hear interesting stories from other pilgrim’s. Overnight Portomarin.

Day 3 Portomarin - Palas del Rei

Challenge: 6.5hrs, 24.6km, 450m ascent and 300m descent
After the steep downhill start along Portomarin main street and the a gentle uphill around Monte San Antonio the rest of the day is easy going through rolling countryside. From Portomarin to Hospital de la Cruz the Camino follows the main road on a dirt track nearby. After Hospital de la Cruz you cross the N-540 and the path is asphalted for the next 10km and very easy going. For the last 3km leading into Palas de Rei once again you are on a dirt track alongside the main road. After arrival, the hotel owners will pick you up. Overnight Palas Del Rei.

Day 4 Palas del Rei - Arzúa

Challenge: 7hrs, 28.8km, 225m ascent and 400m descent
In the morning you will be taken back to Palas de Rei to start one of the longest but technically very easy sections of the route with no long steep accents or descents. Pilgrims consider this section the start of the countdown, because shortly after Coto there are stone markers at the side of the path with the distance to Santiago marked. Much of the day is shaded and shortly after Melide you will walk through Oak and Eucalyptus forest. Melide is where the Camino Primitivo joins with the Camino Frances. You can also ask to be taken to the Pambre Castle in the morning and take a shortcut to Coto, away from busy roads. Overnight Arzua.

Day 5 Arzúa - A Rúa

Challenge: 4.5-5hrs, 18km, 200m ascent and 225m descent
This section of the Camino is one of the least interesting, as it parallels the main road but there are lots of new friends to make and everyone is excited because of the proximity to Santiago de Compostela. Because it’s quite a short day, you can spend part of the morning in the rural accommodation and enjoy the peace of the Galician countryside. Overnight A Rua.

Day 6 A Rúa - Santiago de Compostela

Challenge: 5hrs, 21.5km, 175m ascent and descent
The last section of your pilgrimage brings you back to modern life as you pass the regional airport, cross the highway, railway track and ring-road around Santiago. Nevertheless, it’s still easy to imagine the sheer joy ancient pilgrims felt when they caught a first glimpse of Santiago and the spires off in the distance. From Monte del Gozo, pilgrims historically make one last stop at the spring in Lavacolla, to wash face and feet before presenting themselves before the Saint at the Cathedral on Plaza Obradoiro. Overnight Santiago De Compostela

Day 7 Santiago de Compostela

After breakfast the programme will be finished. You can book an extra night in Santiago de Compostela if you want to spend the day visiting the city.