The Iberian Triangle

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IBERTOURS invites you into the region of The “Iberian Triangle” incorporating the countries of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

These ancient and enigmatic lands are a confluence of historical and cultural influences through successive occupation by Celts, Phoenicians and Greeks, the Romans, the Visigoths and the Moors.

This special triangle of nations provides the traveller with a unique opportunity to savour the subtleties of its fascinating and complex origins, where history, custom, language and religion, have interwoven over the millennia, leaving extraordinarily rich, diverse and vibrant cultures, each with its distinctive art, architecture, music and gastronomy and yet, each possessing identifiable influences of the other. This is the true secret of the ‘IBERIAN TRIANGLE’.

Allow us to introduce you to these extraordinary lands, their wonderfully rich cultures and their hospitable and pleasant peoples.

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